Elaj Group Board Members

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Grade of Excellence from Business Administration and Economy School King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, KSA (1990), a Masters degree in Business Administration from Pacific Western University in USA (1992), a Doctorate in Business Administration from Pacific Western University in USA (1994), a CCAM – DCAM and Diploma Certificate in Public Relations – equivalent to MBA from Arab Academy for Public relations, Cairo, Egypt (1996) and a second PhD in Business Administration from Faculty of Commerce, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt in 2003 (Topic : Efficiency Factors in Private Hospitals in KSA).
Co-founder and chairman of Elaj Medical Services company Co – founder and GM of Al Borg Laboratories (KSA), Co-founder of Saudi Health Investment co, Co-founder of Mashafi Co.(KSA).
Other Position(s)
General Manager of Dawaa Pharmaceuticals (KSA), General Manager of Saudi Tajmeel Co. (KSA), Chairman of the Board – Emirates Care Group (Dubai, UAE), Co-founder and Member of the Board of Medsys Egypt, Elaj Egypt, Elaj Qatar, and Medsys UK.
Efficiency of Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mohammed Amin graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine with an M.B.B.CH in 1984 and was a awarded a M.Sc. E.N.T from Al Azhar University in 1989 and M.D. E.N.T from Menoufeya University in 1996 and was granted an honorary PhD in Business from Oxford University. Dr. Amin has extensive knowledge and experience in private healthcare, as he Co-founded the Elaj Group Founded and managed Al-Noor Specialized Hospital in Egypt. Founded Medsys Egypt a company operating in the field of IT that was planned to introduce e-health services. Founded Al Borg laboratories KSA in affiliation with Al Borg Egypt as the core of the diagnostic arm of the group. Founded Dawaa the pharmaceutical supply arm of Elaj. Founded Saudi Health Investment Co. a regional healthcare investment company Dr. Amin’s professional experience includes holding the position of Assistant CEO of Metropolitan Hospital NY, USA.
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Profile Summary
• High qualified Executive Manager offering more than 17years of Banking & Financial management experience ( Islamic & Conventional ), results focused and team player with proven ability to establish new financial entities and turnaround financially troubled companies, Lead the development and implementation of strategic plan, Anticipate and proactively respond to industry trends , Indentifying and resolving problems & controlling costs ,Talent in business development & building business relationships ,Able to handle Board of Directors requirements and reporting , Advanced computer skills , Strength in: Strategic financial planning Business Development ( ALM /P&L ) Management Financials Firms Negotiations & Relations Policy and Procedure development Operations and financial management Cooperate Governance , Regulatory Compliance& Risk Management
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Assistant Vice President Senior Investment Manager Appointed as Investment Manager Private Equity Funds Alternative Investment Department Global Investment House KSC ,Kuwait
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Management Leaders

CEO – Al-Mashreq Hospital

Dr. Moenes Abou El-Atta received his MBBCh from Mansoura University in 1974 and Master’s Degree of Hepato-biliary Surgery MS from the National Liver Institute in 2012. This year, Dr. Abou El-Atta was awarded an international MBA from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Professionally, Dr. Abou El-Atta has 25 years of experience in administration, management & general surgery consultancy which included: - Holding the position of Chairman of the Clinical Audit committee Deputy General Manger As-Salam International Hospital. From 2006 to 2008, Dr. Abou El-Atta held the position of Managing Director of As-Salam International Hospital developing hospital management systems to abide by ISO requirement. From 2009 to 2010, He set up the entire medical department to be compatible with JCI standards. Al-Salam received the accreditation in July 2010.
Group Head of Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Maged Salah received his M.D in Anesthesia in 2002 from Cairo University, Egypt. He is a Professor of Anesthesiology and ICU , Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Unit in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Medical school. Dr. Salah was awarded his Masters degree in Hospital Administration from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in 2013. Dr. Salah is currently a board member of the Egyptian society of cardiothoracic anesthesia (society treasurer). He was awarded the Board of the American Society of Echocardiography.
Chief Medical Director

Dr. Mohsen Mokhtar is a professor of clinical oncology in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Medical School. Dr. Mohsen assisted in developing the syllabus and course structure at Al-Kasr Al-Aini, as well as, supervised several research programs and theses. Furthermore, Dr. Mokhtar has published more than 50 articles in several regional magazines in topics including: breast, lung, pediatric, colorectal, ovarian malignancies NHL and hematologic malignancies. Professionally, Dr. Mokhtar has more than 20 years of experience in hospital management. He is currently the chief medical director in Elaj group covering the clinical and medical audit of group facilities. Dr. Mokhtar has served as the Scientific Co-ordinator and main speaker in many regional and international conferences held in Egypt and abroad.
Chief Group Engineer

Eng. Mohammed Said is currently the group chief engineer responsible for all aspects of design and planning of existing and planned healthcare facilities. Eng. Said has over 30 years of experience in engineering and was the managing director of the health care sector in Wadi El-Nile Contracting & Real Estate Investment Co. Eng. Said was responsible for all Health projects awarded to the company from the Ministry of Health amounting to EGP 2 BN on an annual basis including: Responsible for the procurement and establishing of the new Egyptian Ambulance fleet of more than 3,000 highly equipped vehicles. Supervised and completed the turnkey construction and commissioning of 3,000 family clinics all over Egypt. Established a direct liaison with the Ministry of Health officials (Minster and Subordinates) for managing all the strategic demand and plans of the ministry through Wady El Nil Company.
Chief Medical Director of Al-Amal Hospital

Dr. Ashraf Radi obtained his MD in anesthesia in1992 and is currently a professor and lecturer of anesthesia in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Medical School. In 2013, Dr. Radi received his MSc is hospital management. He also applied for MSc degree of Algology at National Cancer Institute Cairo Egypt and passed the 1st part of the exam. His last appraisal took place on 25/11/02 by the Egyptian Scientific Committee of Anesthesia where I was appointed as a Professor in anesthesia in Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. The committee also approved his 10 research projects submitted and accepted them for publication. Dr. Radi is currently responsible for the selection, hiring, training and continuous education of all second line medical staff (resident doctors and nurses) in the group.
Corporate Finance Director

Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen has more than 10 years of experience in the field of investment, Mr. Abdel El-Mohsen gained experience through working on different transactions, leading teams, managing projects and performing quantitative financial analysis, in addition to gaining analytical, leadership, teamwork, financial planning & modeling skills. Mr. Abd El-Mohsen joined Elaj Group mid 2010 and is the corporate finance director and executive board member of the Elaj group of companies in Egypt. Prior to Elaj, Mohammed held the following positions; Senior Investment Associate in Watheqa Capital. Investment Analyst in Cairo Capital Group. Financial Consultant at FinCorp Investment Holding Internal Auditor & Credit Analyst at Banque Du Caire.
Group Head of Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Adel Banna studied in Cairo University where he received his MBBCh in 1978. In addition, Dr. Banna earned his Masters Degree in General Surgery and PhD in Cardiothoracic surgery in 1984 and 1989 respectively. Dr. Banna is a fellow cardiothoracic surgeon – Washington Hospital Center – Washington DC and is one of the key figures in Cardiac Surgery in Egypt and is currently the head of the Cardiac Surgery in the group He has a strong track record in both governmental and private sector hospitals including holding the following positions during his career: - Head of CardioThoracic Surgery Department at Dar Al Fouad Hospital - Head of CardioThoracic Surgery Department at National Heart Institute Cairo - Dean of National Heart Institute – Cairo
CTO at Elaj medical services group Managing all it business for the corporate

Elaj medical center , Saudi health investment company , al Borg laboratory ,star care ,ultra care, Nour al Hassa hospital==>> @ksa , elaj hospital , Alamal hospital @ cairo Egypt CIO at dr.Erfan bagedo hospital Jeddah from 1990 - 2004 CIO at dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital 2007 - 2009