Elaj Group Companies

Al-Amal Hospital is a top ranked tertiary Healthcare facility in Giza Governorate with a total built up area of sqm 6,000 encompassing 150 patient beds, 11 operating theaters, 41 ICU beds, 15 outpatient clinics, and a blood bank.

  • The hospital is located in a highly populated area in Giza governorate, actually in between Mohandseen area (which represents A-class and the upper portion of B-class population) and Embaba & Bolak Al-Dakror areas (with the majority of population mainly within lower B and C classes).
  • The hospital was established more than 25 years ago by a leading doctor at that time – Dr. Mokhtar Ibrahim and like the majority of hospital projects at that time, the hospital was focused mainly on providing primary and secondary healthcare services. 
  • The major departments of the hospital at that time were Obegyn and General Surgery, handling minor operations only, with no single ICU bed in the hospital.

Al Aqsa Hospital with a total capacity of 60 beds was the second Hospital to be acquired by Mashafi in the region (the first hospital acquired in Saudi Arabia)

  • In line with Mashafi’s acquisition strategy, Mashafi has acquired the hospital with the intention of renovating, commissioning and upgrading the existing facility to become one of the high end hospitals in Aseer province.
  • The hospital is located in Khamis Mushait on Najran Highway, which is the main road leading to the southern province of the Kingdom right in front of the military complex.
  • The project is currently in the final stage of commissioning process. The hospital is expected to commence its operations during the last quarter of 2013.
  • Al Borg Laboratories is one of the largest chains of lab groups in the Middle East, established in 2002 with a mission to provide complete, cost-effective, quality assured medical services through a network of national & regional laboratories
  • Al-Borg Laboratories is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited standalone private laboratory. The JCI accreditation is the second highest accreditation of a medical laboratory in the world next to the CAP accreditation which is a continuous undergoing project in Al-Borg Labs and is estimated to get the CAP accreditation by 2012.
  • Al Borg laboratory participates in the National and International External quality programs to ensure diagnosis precision and accuracy maintained all the time. These programs enable our laboratories to compare its results with the results of universal laboratories such as:
    1-College of American Pathologists for Excellence in Laboratory Testing (CAP - EXCEL) 
    2-Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS)
    3-Middle External Quality Assurance Service (MEQAS)
  • Al-Borg Laboratories implement an internal quality management program at all levels, branches and units that runs monthly audits conducted by its Quality Assurance Officers.

Al-Mashreq Hospital is a Mega facility located in a prime area in the heart of Greater Cairo District, with a total area of Sqm 13,070 and a total capacity of 300 beds

  • A Mega Hospital facility located in a prime area in the heart of Greater Cairo District. The building is comprised of 14 floors (including basement and ground floor), running through a total built up area of Sqm 13,070 with an average area of Sqm 900/floor.
  • The hospital will be a general hospital with special focus on tertiary care specialties accommodating the latest in medical technology.
  • The building is completed in terms of construction. A German healthcare engineering firm carried out the designs and specifications and the management is currently in the process of tendering the project on a turnkey basis.

Allied Laboratory was founded in 2013 as a standalone Medical laboratory services provider in Cairo.

  • Our vision is to build the largest knowledge based group of professional doctors with good reputation and dedication to science, knowledge & Excellent Patient Care.
  • Our goal is to provide the Egyptian medical community with an accurate, timely, and convenient diagnostic resource. Our full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory performs comprehensive clinical laboratory services with continual expansion of our scope of services to include all subspecialties of Clinical laboratory services.

  • We adhere to the quality……. , State of the art technologies & Superior Lab information system
  • Our team includes a number of professionals with the best credentials and professional experiences in the country We make every effort to ensure consistent quality throughout the laboratory: high standards for personnel, the latest instrumentation, automation, and methodologies, providing the highest-quality testing services for physicians and patients
  • Elaj Medical Center (EMC) is the first Quality of Life Enhancement Healthcare Center, primarily focusing on Men’s Health.
  • Elaj has successfully positioned itself as a quality of life enhancement healthcare services provider in the Middle East region, with an initial focus on the KSA market and now present in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Egypt.
  • Elaj operates in 22 branches across the GCC and Egypt and has plans to expand to other MENA countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and others.
  • At Elaj, healthcare conceptualization focuses on quality of life enhancement measures or treatments. Elaj provides comprehensive care to individuals by linking the 3 key elements of physical, intellectual and sexual health, diagnosing medical conditions, and providing customized solutions.
  • There is an urgent need for healthcare delivery to shift and expand from episodic acute care in general, to include and embrace prevention and chronic condition management in order to respond to the emerging healthcare needs in the GCC region. The Company occupies a leading position in this segment of healthcare services.
  • A network of ‘one-stop-shop’ healthcare malls offering a combination of primary care, specialized units, secondary consultation, labs, diagnostics, pharmacy, screening services, and day surgery
  • Three types of centers (A,B,C) based on size of population in catchment area, income levels, and degree of competition
  • Patient can experience a seamless delivery system with a single medical record and unified scheduling and billing processes
  • Higher revenue per square foot based upon cross-selling and ‘integrated customer experience


  • MEDX is a Saudi registered TPA (Third Party administrator) that specializes in the provision of professional claim management services to both insured schemes availed by insurance providers and self-funded medical schemes offered by corporate employers to their staff and dependents
  • Services Provided:
    1- Design of benefit plans according to requirements and incorporating only those exclusions specified by the management. (direct employer only)
    2- Advice on approved care providers and the preferential terms allowed to subscribers.
    3- Preparation and negotiation of formal contracts with designated providers.
    4- Preparation and supply of medical I.D. cards to scheme beneficiaries.
    5- Advice on the availability of particular treatment facilities.

Clinical excellence, innovation, and compassion are at the heart of Cardiovascular Care The Smart Center provides high-quality, cost-effective cardiac and vascular care. We are recognized for responsiveness to patient needs, as well as our partnerships with referring physicians.

  • Areas Of Expertise
    From diagnosis to treatment and recovery, Smart Center provides a continuum of progressive care through its distinguished, multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. Our team approach, with different specialists working side-by-side, allows us to provide a level of care that is often not possible for any one clinical specialist. Our physicians are highly respected in their fields and constantly seek to broaden the understanding of cardiovascular disease through research and clinical trials.
  • Our Leadership Team
    Smart Center recognized leadership team is committed to providing clinical excellence, innovation and compassionate patient care. Fully integrating cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery, interventional radiology and vascular surgery.
  • Information for Patients and Families
    Smart is large enough to offer clinical excellence but small enough for team members to get to know each patient and family. we attending physicians, physician assistants and dedicated Smart nurse practitioners take a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to managing patient car

Renaissance Healthcare Limited

(RHL) is a new organisation which has been created by consultants to respond to the needs of their patients and the medical community in the 21st century. With consultants and specialists as shareholder partners, RHLwill deliver the ultimate bespoke healthcare experience for both patients and specialists. With the launch of our flagship premises at 19 Harley Street, patients can take advantage of what is essentially a one-stop boutique for their health needs: consulting, diagnostics, ongoing health screening, minor-level procedures and even some intermediate-level day surgery. Onsite state-of-the art diagnostic and scanning equipment will ensure minimal disruption to our patients’ lives, while the clinic’s refined, modern feel will help to put visitors at ease and reassure them that they are receiving unparalleled levels of care. A crucial aspect of the business is that all of the auxiliary income generated by the specialists’ investigations and procedures will not be retained solely by a hospital provider. Instead it will be shared between RHL and the specialists themselves. In addition, RHL will provide a professional administrative support service to all participating specialists, greatly assisting with their efficiency and potentially reducing costs significantly. Separate to the consultant-led work, RHL will also offer a health screening clinic to run in parallel with the consultant clinics at Harley Street. This will not only spread the costs of the diagnostic and imaging equipment (thus increasing the profitability of the auxiliary income share) but will also generate new cases for the specialists through onsite follow-ups and referrals. Renaissance Healthcare was conceived not by investment bankers or NHS administrators, but by UK consultants. This ensures that the organisation has been designed from its inception with the concerns of the doctors and patients at its heart. The organisation is majority owned by Saudi Healthcare Investment Company, the premier provider of independent clinics in the Middle East. This link is expected to drive significant demand from overseas clients for specialists operating under the RHL banner at 19 Harley Street.

Orchid Oncology Center

  • Oncology division started operations during the second quarter in 2011, as a Chemotherapy Day Care center that specializes in cancer treatment and management.
  • The division also promoted the Onco-surgery by upgrading the operating theaters and welcoming top doctors and physicians to bring in their cases. The total number of cases handled by the unit during 2011 approached 824 patients with total revenues of EGP 850k.


  • The first fully integrated diagnostic center in the MENA region that covers all known diagnostic activities under one roof in Cairo, Egypt.
  • The center includes:
    1- Fully fledged Diagnostic Imaging Unit
    2- Clinical Laboratory
    3- Diagnostic Endoscopy Unit
    4- ENT Diagnostic Unit
    5- Neurology Diagnostic Unit
    6- Diagnostic Cardio Unit
  • The center is planned to roll-out in different cities of the GCC and MENA region

Orouba International Hospital

Orouba International Hospital is located in one of the most prestigious locations in Cairo, with a total area of sqm 5,100 and a total capacity of 105 beds

  • A recently acquired 11-floor Hospital building (including basement and ground floor), located in Heliopolis - one of the most prestigious locations in Cairo. The plan is to create a multi-specialty facility..
  • The Hospital is considered a modern and advanced healthcare facility when compared to other nearby facility. It is classified as “State of the Art” facility that provides tertiary medical services within its geographical coverage.
  • The building is completed in terms of construction. A German healthcare engineering firm carried out the designs and specifications and the management is currently in the process of tendering the project on a turnkey basis.

Sari Hospital is a modern Healthcare facility located in a Al-Salamah District in Jeddah, with a total area of sqm 9,800 and a total capacity of 100 beds

  • The project is in the final stage of renovation, interior decoration and finishing while the commissioning process is planned to start immediately after completion of works.
  • The hospital is designed to provide secondary healthcare services to Saudi nationals and expatriates living in Jeddah (population, approximately 5 million) and the surrounding cities with emphasis on minimal invasive interventions.
  • The initial Ministry of Health (MOH) license has been obtained for the hospital in Al-Salama district; a middle income neighborhood in Jeddah with a land area of sqm 1,750.

Ha’el National Hospital is located in the Central Province of KSA (North from Riyadh), with a total area of sqm 7,670 and a total capacity of 100 beds

  • Ha’el National Hospital Company Ltd. has applied for, and gotten approval for an interest-free loan from the Saudi Ministry of Finance for SR17m to finance the construction works of the Hospital.
  • The loan was approved in March 2008 and repayment will be settled through 16 annual installments, after a 4-year grace period.
  • The company has not utilized the loan yet, where the first installment can be obtained immediately as the percentage of the construction achieved so far exceeds 35% of the total construction works. The land of the hospital is owned by Ha'el National Hospital Company Ltd

Nour Al-Ehsaa Hospital is located in the Eastern Province in KSA primary targeting Saudi ARAMCO patients, with a total area of sqm 14,060 and a total capacity of 200 beds

  • The major player in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom is obviously Saudi ARAMCO which is the hospital’s primary target client; however, the hospital requires minimal upgrades of some of the departments to comply with ARAMCO requirements
  • In turn, Saudi ARAMCO has expressed serious interest in contracting with Nour Al-Ehsaa hospital for a total of 70 beds at a nightly rate of 850 SR inclusive of accommodation and basic care (exclusive of any medical procedures, medical supplies, and the like).
  • Moreover, the National Guard have expressed serious interest for a further 30 beds at the same terms as Saudi ARAMCO (a total of 100 beds between Saudi ARAMCO and the National Guard for long-term patients).